Realize: NetSuite, Salesforce, Adaptive Insights Implementation

DSG Realize: A Business-First Approach to NetSuite, Salesforce™, and Adaptive Insights Implementation

DSG Realize is a robust consulting methodology, honed over the course of hundreds of successful NetSuite, Salesforce™, and Adaptive Insights implementations, to accelerate your business success. It is based on an agile, iterative and team-based approach to solution implementations that uses a workshop model to involve our customers’ domain experts in design and decision-making. DSG Realize is made up of three phases: Discovery, Definition and Deployment.


Through one-on-one interviews and workshops with key users and stakeholders, we develop a clear understanding of your goals at two levels. First, we focus on your business goals and the key processes and workfl ows to support these goals. Then, we look at how these processes and workfl ows are best implemented in application terms. For example, where NetSuite and Salesforce™ can both support a specifi c piece of functionality, what are the pros and cons of each approach and which is the better overall solution? Where can CPM from Adaptive Insights support ERP and CRM functionality? Second we look at how these processes and workfl ows will specifi cally map to NetSuite, Salesforce™, or Adaptive Insights, and where there are gaps.

Only when we have developed this comprehensive understanding of your business do we go to work. The fi rst major deliverable of the DSG Realize Methodology is your Project Workbook, a living document that details your project specifi cs, including needs, target functionality and the gaps in your existing solution.


In the Definition Phase, DSG teams with your subject matter experts to drill into your business process and workfl ow needs in a series of Functional Workshops. These workshops look at your functional needs and how these are best met. If trade-o s must be made, we tell you so that you can make the most informed choice possible.

During these Functional Workshops, we review your NetSuite, Salesforce™, or Adaptive Insights solution so that it meets your highest priority business needs and is loaded with a subset of your data to enable your users to get hands-on experience with the solution and give us real-world feedback. Armed with this feedback, we tune the functionality and workfl ow of the solution to meet your business and operational needs as closely as possible. We also focus on ensuring that your new business environment will be easy and robust to use so that usability does not become an obstacle to adoption once live.


Once all of the key functional, workfl ow and usability changes have been confi gured into the software, we conduct systems and user acceptance testing with you to ensure that your highest priority business goals have been met. When we are sure that this is the case, we rebuild your solution to ensure optimum performance, fl ush and reload your data, and ensure that the necessary data integrations are in place and working successfully.

As we hand o the system to your users, one signifi cant benefi t of DSG’s approach is that your power users are already familiar with the solution and have bought in to design and usability decisions as a result of the Functional Workshops. This enables your power users to train their colleagues, which, in our experience, signifi cantly accelerates user adoption.

Even then, in the 30 – 60 days after deployment, functionality and usability issues will be identifi ed as users go through an accelerated learning curve. That’s why DSG builds a HyperCare Phase into all Realize projects to ensure that users have access to the business, product and technical support to successfully adopt their new Cloud business solution.

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