Optimize: Netsuite, Salesforce™, or Adaptive Insights Maintenance

DSG Optimize: The Key to Continuous NetSuite and Salesforce™ Success

DSG learned long ago that going live with a NetSuite, Salesforce™ or Adaptive Insights solution is not a one-time event. Using our agile, iterative approach, DSG Optimize ensures that your business value and advantage are protected.

Once the DSG Realize HyperCare phase is complete, the DSG Realize team will transition ongoing monitoring and day-to-day operations and business support to the DSG Optimize team. The DSG Realize team has deep knowledge of the way your business solution is set up. And the Optimize team has detailed information about your business processes and needs, which is just as important. Armed with this 360-degree view of your business, the DSG Optimize team continuously monitors:

  • Your changing business needs
  • User experience, knowledge and expectations
  • Evolving capabilities of your NetSuite, Salesforce, or Adaptive Insights software

By monitoring the business impact of these variables, DSG’s business experts are able to suggest new workflows, features, customizations and integrations to optimize business value.

In some cases, when enhancements to the system are sufficiently large, we will spin-off one, or a series of, DSG Maximize projects. These projects allow major new functionality and enhancements to be added to your system with the same rigor and agility of your initial implementation.

DSG Optimize services are performed by DSG specialists who know your business needs inside and out. This team is backed by DSG’s rich ecosystem of specialists to provide deep expertise on business, product and technical issues, and best practices whenever needed.